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I have been doing private personal training for over 4 years. I work with client to achieve their specific goals in an efficient, realistic time frame. Whether you are new to fitness, or looking to take things to the next level, I've got you covered! Book a consultation session today to get a jump on your fitness journey!





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Vixen Workout

VXN (formerly known as Vixen Workout) is a dance fitness brand focused on improving the physical & mental wellness of women. Our classes recreate the live stage experience by incorporating trending choreography, musical remixes, and atmosphere lighting. As a result, participants are able to feel like performers.The class experience promotes mind-body connection, emotional release, and community in addition to physical fitness. There are three main components of fitness: endurance, strength, and flexibility. Fitness is achieved by combining these three elements. What makes VXN unique is the integration of these fitness elements creatively disguised in a dance format; designed to target specific fitness goals, such as cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength, weight loss, and increased flexibility. 

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Let's get strong! SWEAT was created to give a weight training experience that yielded results that make you just want to go harder! This class incorporates body weight, and free weights to give you and at home HIIT experience you can't get anywhere else. This class is for ALL levels and can be customized with different weights/equipment. (90% of exercises can also be done with NO equipment at all)

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Restore and Recover was created to do just that. You go so hard in VXN and SWEAT, that you needed a time to breathe. Get in a slow, deep stretch, working out all the kinks from the week. This is a great active rest class, or just to feel good.

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This required me to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. I was able to develop an entire program centered around helping women not only feel good and channel their inner Beyonce, but also be able to kick ass and get strong as well.

I hope to work out with you soon!

Let's reach your goals together

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